Day Tour


1 day

Uncover the wealth of ancient relics and monuments that lend Luxor its reputation as the "world's greatest open-air museum." During this full-day tour of discovery, decipher hieroglyphics at the Valley of the Kings, visit Luxor and Karnak temples,.

8 Days

This TourTake You through Egypt packs in awe-inspiring culture and adventure in eight energetic days. Discover the ancient sites along the Nile and explore the most famous of them all, the Great Pyramids of Giza.valley of the kings,and abu simbel temples and still manage to relax and watch life unfold as you sail the on the luxury Nile cruise

3-4 Hours

The best way to find your bearings when arriving in a new city is to take a city tour with your own private guide is the perfect way to see the sights of Hurghada including the Big Mosque, St Mary Church, the port area

2 Days

Discover the Great Temple of Ramesses II and the Small Temple of Nefertari on a sightseeing tour from Aswan. Learn about the Egyptian pharaohs and their burial rites and traditions.

half day

Take s motor boat ride up the river nile to the nubain village .have agreat time riding a camel as you stroll among the colourful houses which are more African than Egyptian in the pharaonic times,these villages of great significance as they were source of gold.

8-9 Hours

Alexandria's incredible intellectual and cultural legacy has assured the city a permanent place in history. Explore the city founded by Alexander the Great on this tailor-made tour and visit its monuments, museums, and gardens that open onto the dazzling Mediterranean Sea

1 Day

Highlights -Explore the oldest of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World at Giza -Tour the Old Town of Cairo -Go to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square -Marvel at the high Pyramid of Khufu, the oldest in the Giza Plateau.

3- 4 Hours

Enjoy a unique and exciting underwater excursion on hurghada Submarine. This modern vessel features 18 panoramic windows and plenty of seating, so sit back and relax as you experience the Red Sea's underwater ecosystem up close!

5-6 Hours

Hit the off-road trails as you journey into the Red Sea Hills for an evening in a Bedouin village. Cruise with ease over challenging terrain before you climb aboard a camel for a more traditional ride. As you dig into a tasty meal, admire the deep oranges of the sun setting in the distance.



Real Egypt

7 days

Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu-Simbel these exciting and vibrant cities await you on this thrilling guided Egypt tour. Guided sightseeing tours will highlight the must-see attractions in each city, including Giza pyramid complex, Karnak Temple Complex , Valley of the Kings and abu simbel temples, Prepare yourself for tales of royalty.

Half Day Tour

Visit the Valley of the Kings, the Collossi of memnon,See the funerary temples and tombs on the Nile's West Bank , with opportunity to enter the tombs of famous pharaohs of ancient Egypt.


Enjoy riding a quad bike and exploring the desert on this 3-hour tour from Hurghada. Experience a thrilling ride through the sand dunes to a Bedouin village, where you can enjoy black tea and a ride on a camel. . .

8-9 Hours

Abu Simbel is an ancient temple complex, originally cut into a solid rock cliff, in southern Egypt and located at the second cataract of the NileRiver. The two temples which comprise the site were created during the reign of Ramesses II

2-3 Hours

Ballooning over the west bank of Luxor is one of the most exciting experiences you can ever have, not just seeing the river Nile, ancient city of Luxor with its great monuments of the ancients

1 day

Cross the Egyptian desert on tour from Hurghada, and see the main monuments of Cairo's Old Town. Egyptian Museum, and Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx

1 day

Leave the city behind and head out on a day trip to Mahmya trip with truly egypt tours. Feel the warmth of the sun and the marine breeze on your skin as you cruise to the southern shores of Giftun Island National Park and the Mahmya protected area. Admire the beautiful landscapes as you moor in the pristine bay waters

4 hours

Enjoy the magical Nile flow in Luxor, , magnificent bird watching and enjoy Nile scenery over 4 hours, a life time experience through history and nature We didn't see many wild mammals (there are no crocodiles or hippos, in case you're wondering) but the bird life is wonderful

Full Day Tour

Enjoy Giftun Island Tours in Hurghada, Snorkeling tours into the charming beauty of the underwater world in the Red Sea,

8-9 Hours

Visit Aswan to see this beautiful city by the Nile and its history, modern and ancient. Visit Philae Temple, Unfinished Obelisk and the High Dam.

1 day

Aswan sightseeing tour. Enjoy a private day tour to Aswan highlights from your hotel in Luxor where you will visit the High Dam, unfinished obelisk and Philae temple then we transfer you back.
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